how to shine boots

How to Shine Boots

Whether you're a soldier, or just getting ready for a classy event, knowing how to shine your boots is a talent you need to master. Why? Polished boots are a rigid requirement in the military and for good reason.

Shiny boots say a lot about a man's image. Not only do they look good, but they can also be beneficial for your career. Plus, shining your boots can prolong their life and extend their usability. Here are the ways on how to shine boots.

1. Preparation

Prepare your boots, your workspace, and of course the materials you'll be needing. These are:

  • Shoe polish
  • Cotton rags
  • Water or alcohol
  • Horsehair brush (optional)
  • Shoe tree (optional)

Boot shining is a messy task; you never know if your wax or shoe polish will spill on your floor. If you value your floor, make room to shine your boots where any unexpected accidents can happen without much damage to your home.

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Prepare your boots by cleaning them thoroughly. Remove excess dirt or dust by brushing them with a horsehair brush or any brush available to you as long as the bristles are soft. If you don't have horsehair brush, you can use cotton cloths as well.

You may want to use a damp cloth after you have removed the initial layer of dirt. Just make sure that the boots are dry before proceeding to the next step.

2. Apply the Polish

Wrap your index and middle finger with a soft piece of cotton cloth, making sure that there are no wrinkles. Dip your cloth-covered fingers on the shoe polish and with small, circular movements, gently rub the surface of the boots until you see a faint shine.

Once you've covered all the areas, let them dry for about 5-10 minutes.

3. Shine

Take off the cloth from your fingers and replace it with a new one. Dip your fingers lightly into the water and gently rub them against the boots. Keep doing this until you see a greater shine come through. Let the water dry.

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With the same cloth on your fingers, apply shoe polish and gently rub them on the boots with small circular movements. Do this until you see the swirls disappear and a new shine come through. Apply water again, then wait for it to dry.

Repeat this process until you get the shine that you're looking for. It may take up to 5 repetitions, but for new boots, you need up to 8.

3. Buff

When you're satisfied with the shine of your boots, give them a final buff. Use a horsehair brush or any soft-bristled brush to do this. An old pair of nylon stocking will do the job well if you don't have a brush around.

Some people use rubbing alcohol instead of water, so you may need to experiment and create your own routine. There are no fast rules in shining boots and no single way how it can be done. Remember, boots need to be shined regularly to keep them looking good and last a long time.

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No one would ever admit to not desiring that their boots stay shiny. That shine says that either the boots are new, clean, or expensive. Now, with this process, you can have shiny boots whenever you without paying anyone else to do it for you. Follow these steps on how to shine boots now and remember to avoid getting blinded by the shine.

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