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At DukeWinston.com, we believe that boots are the perfect footwear for a gentleman. Polish them well enough and they will feel right at home at any high society event with their understated elegance and style. Of course, a gentleman couldn’t be expected to spend all day at parties and, when the situation demands it, boots will never fail to deliver. They can be as tough and manly as the person who wore them and could easily withstand the demanding conditions of the outdoors.


There’s no use denying it anymore; people’s love affair with their shoes and boots is rather well-documented. Women, in particular, are prone to flaunting this obsession with their footwear. You probably heard by now of a certain ex-dictator’s wife somewhere in Southeast Asia who just can’t help but hoard a total 2,700 pairs of shoes.

This does not mean that men are less fascinated with their footwear than women. A possibility is that these manly males are just better at hiding their fascination with boots than members of the opposite sex. Whatever the case may be, we at DukeWinston.com is more than happy to help men obtain the perfect boots that they deserve.

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Yes, we admit that we are a company that’s a little obsessed with boots as well. That explains why you’ll find tons of materials about boots on this site. There are buying guides for work boots, another for tactical boots, and one for hiking boots.

In addition, there are a few how-to articles related to boots and shoes. For instance, we’ve posted a write up detailing the correct way to polish your boots and a useful article on how to waterproof leather boots. We’ll come up with other entertaining and useful articles on Chelsea Boots, Brogue Boots or Dress Boots in the future so do give us a visit from time to time. You’re always welcome to this site.